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Give it to ya till you're screaming my name.


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♥Sunday, January 30, 2011♥

This guy here , viki my longers bf & my one & only..
i dont noe wad to say .. bud i really love you alots
i dont noe how to show it to you ..
i noe my own attitude .. u also no me well 
that day u scolded me in front of your friends ..
really very hurt & angry thats you i asked break .
couse u always swear upon me .. end up everything 
Fake :')

though u will change .. you promise me u will
bud nthing happen
u always so busy no msgs calls

after school , u always go out .. go back late
never bother to text me or tell me anything ..

every time call me 11plus 12 pluss. .
i no need to sleep ? u no need to sleep also ?

last time , we always talk more then 1hour ..
bud now ? less then 1hour
u got ever think about that ?? 
u say i always go out .. bud i never 
hais ....

i stilll rmb yst late night  u called me saying
i love  you alot la dont wan to fight with u ..
and u also dont fight with me ..
end up what happen just now ?
i always love to talk to you ..
bud some people will call you .. and u hang up on  me
then later u called back saying ... i need to go out ..
just tell me how  i feel ?
or yeah u dont bother wad . wad is happy for you & yours friends more important .. so srry laa

i got no heart to break with you  ..
u always scold me .. and say fuck off ..

nvm laa .. i got no one what , now you also no more ...
haisss ,  never felt this hurt before ..
so should be enjoying now huh (':

nvm will just wait for your calls and msg ....

♥imma hurt you real good, baby
@ 2:25 AM

♥Friday, January 28, 2011♥


so much off problem siaa ..   i cant believed  tHAT i called you my SISTER !
gosh , couse i aint like you ` hope u get wad i mean . 

post wadever you wan .. i dont give a fark .

` Gona meet friends later (: 

♥imma hurt you real good, baby
@ 10:13 PM

♥Friday, September 3, 2010♥

YST WITH classmateeeeeeeeeeee in

universal studio & Resort World

Had so much funn  Wanna go there again
bussed with nana anisa shasha
Enjoyed with abi razina rennly
lj ! & nana :D
around 10+ reached home

sadly i miss viki spark alot .

♥imma hurt you real good, baby
@ 7:11 PM

♥Tuesday, August 24, 2010♥

WOOOTS , yst was my wonderfull 4mths <3  with my baby ,
slack , gift , underblock ... KISS KISS :P

Nthing to say ,  bud i just wished to stay with you EVER (:

LOVES  you LOTS <3`

♥imma hurt you real good, baby
@ 1:50 AM

♥Thursday, August 12, 2010♥

yst , got alot off home works , siaaaaaaaaa
then viki say wan to meet .. so sweet he come near my skl there..
we bussed to my place i go change then we go kfc study
he was teaching maths (:
chey he smart sey :D
& he gave me few ans for tamil :D
good boifriend <3`
hmmm.. then suddenly he say
er i cant learnt wen your beside me :0
then i LIKE WADD , woahh busted sia..
AND AND a big big kiss from him & hugs :D
cheyyy AWESOME !
bud nvm at least i learnt abit abit heheheee
then about 7+ wen home, send himm off (:
then at night waited for his call.. he called me
thenn talk talk & SLEEEP , woah i miss you <3 <3


TODAYYY now in comp lab :D
useing comp later got maths more more :D
will study wan (:
then later meet viki syg at tiong , time to study
teeheee :D

♥imma hurt you real good, baby
@ 7:25 PM

♥Sunday, August 8, 2010♥

i really got nthing to sayy .. you will never change & ALL FAKE ..
i just hope one day you will noe :'(

do u noe how much i miss you ?
do u even care for me ?

then why u doing thish ? haissssssssssssss...
i dnt love any1 , all my love i showed to you .. bud its seems tat nthing
is working  . thish past few days i 'm crying very deeply .. even now :((

i just hope you will changee , no matter wad ,
baby i always love you so much :'(

i not gona eat or drink or sleep .. i will just wait for your calls & msgs .
i Swear & i will .:'(

♥imma hurt you real good, baby
@ 8:17 AM


Today nthing muchh wake upppppp bath watch tv use comp
so boredddddddddddddddddd dieeing liwoo!

and my baby off to some place , so bad right ? heheh e((:
misssing him soo much muhccc every sec's 
baby faster come back okey i miss  youuuuuuuuuu !!

<3 <3
will be watching tv soon &&&&&&&&&&&& eat

&&& && &&& , wating for baby's calls & msgs
love you bibi <3

♥imma hurt you real good, baby
@ 1:56 AM